Summer Foresight Conferences Around the World

With so much going on this summer, here we provide a guide to some of the futurist events, conferences and expos happening over the next few months. All of these are on our wish list for summer learning—which ones will you attend? Send us a note with your thoughts and reflections if you go. We’d also love to list your event in future newsletters and blog posts.

May 2017

SingularityU Germany Summit is designed to transfer an understanding of the strategic relevance of disruptive technologies in an era of extraordinary innovation. Solving the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved if every individual makes a contribution. That’s why we aim to ensure that a thematic diversity is part of the learning, innovation and community experience we deliver.

A full-day conference for game-changers, opinion-influencers, change-makers and knowledge-seekers. We connect entrepreneurs with investors, corporations, the media, researchers and politicians active in the AI sphere.

The International Academy of Astronautics will hold its 5th conference from 15 to 19 May 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The bi-annual conference brings together world experts to discuss the threat to Earth posed by asteroids and comets and actions that might be taken to deflect a threatening object. The conference will include a hypothetical NEO/Earth impact event scenario that will be part of the conference.

The "Commercial Vehicles 2017" conference brings you closer to the transport solutions of the future. New customer demands as well as market and regulatory requirements that vary regionally and internationally present the industry with challenges. Experts are invited to participate in the conference with their own paper on the subject of commercial vehicles.

Peek at the future of R&D powered by data, AI and machine learning, Harness the power of the sharing economy, Explore the supply chain revolution.

Living Future is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement seeking solutions to the most daunting global issues of our time. This year’s three-day conference will focus on the diverse layers of Genius and Courage, featuring keynotes Van Jones, Kirsti Luke, and Naomi Klein. Out-of-the-ordinary learning and networking formats lend to the design strategies and cutting-edge technical information that abounds at Living Future.

Spain will host the first International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit. Fundacion VidaPlus will be the main organizer of this world congress, with the help of other leading associations and organizations working on longevity, indefinite lifespans, cryopreservation, and other biomedical areas

AR and VR are bringing superpowers to the people and this year we are on a mission to highlight how to use these Superpowers to Change the World.

This year’s conference and expo will showcase speakers, startups and organizations who are using AR & VR to drive economic growth, encourage empathy and collaboration, give access to healthcare and knowledge, and promote sustainability in the world.

June 2017

Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within the IoT, Europe’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) event will bring together key industries from across Europe for two days of top level content and discussion. Industries include Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive.

The IoT Week will present emerging technologies and solutions related to the Internet of Things with pioneering research projects, SMEs and industries. It will also discuss the recent developments in the IoT standardization landscape.

Exponential Finance is an intensive 3-day program that brings together a select group of leading executives, investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe to explore how exponential technologies are impacting business and our economy.

Global Issues Problem Solving, Scenario Performers, and Scenario Writing

The 2017 theme is new practices and models of research and innovation as a challenge for STI policy. The conference is organised by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

22nd WFSF World Conference: HUMANKIND 2050: Peace, Development, Environment. WFSF in partership with the Hardangar Academy.

What are the main challenges in an era of an uncertain world? How to create sustainable futures based on empathy? What is the role of futures research in identifying opportunities for action that are fair and resilient while remaining agile in a global and complex world?

The three day event is timed to follow two other futures conferences in Europe, also to be held in June. The WFSF conference is being held from 7th to 9th June, with two days of other activities on 10th and 11th June, and the FFRC conference is being held in Turku on 12th-13th June, allowing the opportunity to attend these as well as the “Design – Develop – Transform” conference.

This conference seeks to explore how the three issues of city development, sense of community and housing need, all combine to make lives in our cities livable – or not. How will our urban environments change in the near future?

As the premier international forecasting conference, the ISF provides the opportunity to interact with the world’s leading forecasting researchers and practitioners. The attendance is large enough so that the best in the field are attracted. In addition, representatives of leading publishing, software, and other related companies are on hand to discuss their most recent offerings.

July 2017

The largest futurists party in history? An epic unconference with 50+ speakers? A hackathon where you build the future?

CSC 2017 aims to provide a cutting-edge and premier annual forum on smart cities. It aims to bring in leading scholars from multiple disciplines, including information systems, computer science, telecommunication engineering, urban studies, and business and economics. The conference aims to get participants to share their ideas of future smart cities, knowledge and latest research findings related to the main issues concerning the whole ecosystem, such as M2M infrastructure, cloud platforms, big data analytics, mobile applications, citizen needs, user engagement, and new business/economic models.

August 2017

Converging technologies are accelerating human progress and creating unexpected opportunities at an unfathomable pace. This is your chance to join a world-class collection of thinkers, leaders and doers to help redefine the future of business, technology, and humanity as a whole. Singularity University Global Summit is SU’s flagship event, and is the place to meet fellow changemakers while discovering the world’s breakthrough innovations.